The Art of Barbecue

At Home Barbecuing Tips

It is common practice to light up the BBQ, get it to a searing hot temperature, and then just plonk everything on in one go, however, our brilliant head chefs at Asador and Prado, say it is also very important HOW we barbecue. Read below for some insider information on how to achieve the best tasting barbecued food at home for your family.


Any good chef will say you are only as good as the produce you are working with and the tools you have to cook it with. In order to create the perfect BBQ feast, it is imperative that you have the right tools to hand.

  • Two (for multi-tasking!) extra-long (to keep your hands safe) stainless steel tongs.
  • A grill brush – a clean cooking grate is essential for creating good grill marks, even cooking and ensuring that delicate foods like fish and vegetables don’t stick. A good grill brush is a tool you will use every time you fire up the coals.
  • A remote BBQ thermometer will make life so much easier as it can indicate the inner temperature of your BBQ when the lid is closed plus the meat probe will show you the temperature of your steak so you can stop cooking at the right time.


Regardless if you are using a charcoal or gas BBQ, choosing the right temperature comes down to what you are cooking. The smaller and thinner the steaks or vegetables, the higher the temperature. This will allow you to achieve GBD (Golden Brown Delicious) fast without overcooking. The bigger the steaks and vegetables, the lower the temperature and cooking time should be.